Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit Shoot

The concept behind this shoot was 'control the elements' using the Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit. Shot simultaneously while our production team filmed.  An amazing set with all sorts of weather machines, and talented actors to show how to 'control the elements' using Javascript code.

Star Wars The Force Kit Shoot

Lifestyle shots to support the launch of the Star Wars The Force Kit. A BlueTooth device that let's kids (or adults) choose between the Light Side or the Dark Side, and then use gestures to control The Force, just like in the films.

Microsoft X Kano PC Shoot

These images are part of a series taken from a 2 day shoot at a school in Richmond while filming for the launch of the Kano PC in partnership with Microsoft.  Probably the fastest-paced shoot I've worked on, with only a short time booked for each classroom before needing to wrap up, shift all the lighting, actors, props and film equipment to the next set. Only a few minutes were assigned after filming with the actors to get my shots.  Having sketched out a storyboard prior was crucial to getting the specified shots, and choosing equipment that allowed me to shoot silently while the video cameras were rolling was incredibly useful.

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