Capturing moments that alight your memory, and place you back at the scene no matter how many years have passed.
This is my aim through documentary style photography.  Are you throwing a party and a celebration, or is it a photoshoot that your guests have to sit through?
To vividly bring back the emotions, the joy, the embarrassing speeches, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful moments of a special day is important, so when I am taking photographs, that is what I look for.  This is so that when you are sharing photos with family who couldn't attend, or looking through the album on a 20th generation iPad in the year 2044 you'll feel like you were there.  
My name is Ruairi, and I am based in Stamford, Lincolnshire.  I've been taking photographs my entire life, and learned how to do it professionally as a retail photographer in London working for Microsoft, Disney, Wizarding World, and for various STEM companies.  Now I am out of the studio and making real photos.
I may be hired to photograph your wedding, a Christening, event or item that you want to be documented.  I can supply various print and social media packages, plus I am happy to travel.  You can contact me from the form below or call 07761413582 and we can get talking.
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