My name is Ruairi.  I am a photographer, videographer, graphic designer and type designer based in Stamford, Lincolnshire.  I'm originally from Inverness in Scotland. 
I've helped promote brands and companies all over the world.  Though since I picked up a camera, now all I want to do is take really good photos.  Photos that capture cherished moments to be fondly revisited in 20 years' time, to be printed and framed, or to be shared far and wide as part of an amazing story. 
I may be hired to photograph your wedding, a Christening, or any event or item that you want to be documented.  I can supply various print and social media packages, plus I am happy to travel.  Just get in touch and let's figure out what best suits you.
Please use the form below with any enquiries or call 07761413582.
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