One of a series of static ads for social media.

For this project, I was the digital design lead, working closely with our Creative Director, partnership managers, as well as Wizarding World and Warner Brothers Creative.  I was to undertake and produce our web advertising, various landing web pages, Amazon storefronts, social graphics, and around 40 different email designs (maybe more, I wasn't counting), including order confirmations, a series of launch emails, onboarding emails for new purchasers, abandoned basket emails, and more.  The result was a consistent, engaging campaign which was successful in meeting all key objectives.

1 of 16 animated gif banners I built for Google Display Network advertising platform.

1 of 14 Holiday Offer HTML5 banners I built for Amazon advertising network.

Test build of re-engagement promotional email for the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit sent to subscribers who showed interest but did not purchase.

Onboarding email, sent 31 days after delivery of HPKCK to help keep engagement up.

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